Curriculum & Academics

The Mallikarjun Group of Schools are affiliated to C.B.S.E and strictly follow all rules of C.B.S.E in terms of student-teacher ratio, pay scale, syllabus etc. Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects facilitating not just bookish knowledge but also development of concepts, ideas and skills. We Provide developmentally appropriate practices by teaching ways that match the way for students to develop and learn. To ensure holistic development of child the child is assessed through a variety of interesting scholastic and co- scholastic activities rather than just formal examination . Children are graded not only in terms of their knowledge but also based on their participation and involvement in their class activities.

The School pays special attention for Playgroup to Primary classes. Activity based informal playway method is applied to create interest and curiosity among the young school comers. The overall personal, social and emotional development of each student is constantly monitored to ensure a strong foundation. A regular feedback to parents regarding homework, involvement and progress of students keeps the parents well informed and ensures a closely monitored development of their children. .A productive and meaningful communication between parents and teachers is done by virtue of parent-teacher meetings at regular intervals.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activities in school are integral to personality development and character building. We want our students to not only be academically successful but also multifaceted and confident. A plethora of activities in literature, arts, science, performing arts and sports benefit students immensely. lnterschool competitions expose students to difficult yet real world situations thus training them to become competent individuals.

The students are divided into four houses. A House Master or Mistress looks after the activities and the progress of each House. Students are taught by experts in the field. The school also sports various clubs like the Literary Club, Nature Club, Science Club, Language Club (English and Hindi) etc.

Sports & Games

We at Mallikarjun School believe that physical activity through sports and games is essential ingredient for development of every student. We believe that sports and academics are not only compatible but also complimentary in realizing child's potential. Activity on -playfield develops the qualities of teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem. Sports equip students to face the challenges of increasingly competitive world. A faculty of highly qualified and experienced instructors endeavors to develop the finest sportspersons and teams.