School Rules


The school dress code to be strictly followed as per the instructions for various activities.

Uniform is just not a piece of clothing, it shows the respect for the institution we are attached to.

The dress code for various occasions/activities will be instructed by the house masters/house wardens/house matrons.

The dress code discipline will be managed by the House Parent (House Master/Mistress) along with the Student Council.

Phones and electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.

The school does not take responsibility for any such items which may be misplaced or stolen.

Students are not allowed to have money in their possession. They have to hand over any cash they may have, to house parent in a sealed envelope, with their name and amount written on it. Any other money will be considered illegal and will be confiscated.

Students at all times are expected to stay within the designated school campus. Breaking bounds constitutes an offence and will invite a consequence.

Integrity, honor and discipline should form the basis of all academic practices. The following acts of non-compliance / violation will invite consequences as deemed fit by relevant authorities:

• Not meeting deadlines for submission of assignments.

• Willful destruction of fellow students work, both academic and non-academic.

• Passing off fellow students work as one’s own.

• Using unfair means during examination. The person found copying and the one willfully aiding it will both be held responsible.

Use of obscene language or profanities is not expected of students of the school.

Students need to conduct themselves with dignity at all times. Physical violence violates a person. The school has zero tolerance for this.

The act of bullying of intimidation goes against all tenets of socially accepted behavior. Offenses of this nature are considered serious and there is zero tolerance for this.

Students must respect school property. Vandalism and theft will not be tolerated. Offences of this nature are considered serious, and dealt with severely. The expenses of all the destructions will be paid by the students involved.

Books are a treasure house if information and a shared legacy of the school. They need to be cherished. Defacing, stealing of library books is an offence and will invite a consequence.

Sexual harassment or inappropriate sexually motivated words or actions are unwelcome. Unwarranted touching can be embarrassing and humiliating. Students should avoid all words or action which could be taken as sexual advances.

The School is safe, protective and nurturing environment. We intend to remain so. Therefore we regard all forms of harassment and in particular, sexual harassment as inappropriate. Violation will invite cons equences as deemed fit by the code of conduct committee.

The School defines pornography as viewing, being in possession of or downloading material that is sexually explicit and against the values and ethos of the School. Students violating this norm will face disciplinary action.

The School Authorities have discretion to decide what materials are considered inappropriate and run counter to the values and ethos of the school.

Possession of pistols/guns/sling shots/knives or weapons of any kind is not permitted. It is serious offence under the existing Indian Law.

The item in question will be immediately impounded and the student will be expelled.

The possession, consumption, dealing with alcohol or tobacco by students is a serious offence under the Indian law and will invite a serious consequence. The possession, consumption or dealing in drugs is an offence under the Indian Law and will lead to immediate expulsion.


House Master/Mistress/Warden/Matron have access to students’ rooms at all times for purpose of monitoring. The school authorities have the right to conduct searches and check the belongings of students.

Students are not allowed to lock doors from the inside when in the room. Posters of any type are not allowed. No wall paintings and pasting of stickers is allowed.

Students are expected to keep their room and its surroundings neat, clean and tidy.

Students visiting dorms in which they do not reside can do so only with prior permission of the concerned House Master/Mistress/Warden/Matron. Visiting alumni with friends or relatives are not permitted to stay in the house at any time.

The daily routine is to be strictly followed. Absenteeism without prior permission will be dealt very severely.

Specific Daily Routine Guidelines

1. Attending all school activities,

2. Fulfilling all academic requirements adequately and to the best of one’s abilities.

3. Not going to dormitories during school time without permission.

4. Regular participation in hobbies.

5. Presence at all school functions.

6. No absenteeism from examinations without permission from Vice Principal/ Principal.

The purpose of the disciplinary policy at the school is to ensure high safety standards and personal growth of students.

Recognition that students tend to respond differently, the policy allows for variable consequence within the frame of reference. The objective is to help students reflect, take responsibility and change behaviour.

Repeated violation of the same disciplinary infraction will be considered disobedience. This defiance in accepting correction for having poor choices will result in more severe disciplinary action.

For major code violation a disciplinary committee will be appointed by the Principal. This committee will include the Principal / Vice Principal, Dean of welfare, House Master, and Teacher. The Senior School Prefect and a student representative may be invited at the discretion of the Principal to join the committee.

The Committee will conduct an investigation by contracting relevant people, in order to get as complete a picture of the situation, as possible. From the information gathered, an appropriate disciplinary action plan will be drawn up by the committee and subsequently enforced.

The consequences are based on the recommendation of the committee and the severity of the violation. These may include but are not limited to any of the following:

• Counseling followed by a letter of apology.

• Work assignment: written self-reflection on topics that will raise a student’s knowledge or ethical awareness.

• Community service and social welfare.

• Writing a letter of apology to parent and staff and / or other student stating what the misbehavior was, why it happened, what has been learned and what will be done to change the behaviour.

• Cancellation of outing for the term / year.

• Forfeiting the right to participate in house/school activities or representing School.

• Letter home informing parents of the situation.

• School authority telephones the students’ parents and seeks a meeting with them.

• Suspension and student to be sent home.

• Parents to withdraw the student.

• The student to be expelled.

Addition consequences may also be included at the discretion of the school.

The Code of conduct is aimed at creating a harmonious community, for which self-discipline is vital.

Hence, apart from what is mentioned in the code, rules and regulation communicated by the School from time to time need to be adhered to

The Code of Conduct of the school is subject to amendment in keeping with the interest of the school and changing times.